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Massage is one of the oldest and most pleasant natural method for preventing illnesses and preserving health.

After a massage the performance of the musculature increases, the muscular work becomes faster and more tireless. Massage is a kind of refreshment that has a history of a thousand year. It helps everyone to find and preserve the harmony.

Massage can help in losing weight, but only in case of regular exercise and adequate diet.
It is very important to include regular exercise in our daily routine. Our organs cannot function well, if our muscles are weak and loose, so it is very important to keep the abdominal muscles in a good shape. Many studies have shown that an adequate diet is not enough to restore our weight. For the maximum effect we have to include regular exercise in our everyday life, because with calorie loss also metabolism reduces. So without regular exercise the calorie burning slows down, and it can even stop weight loss.
With the combination of massage and regular exercise we can quickly get rid of the excess kilograms, speed up the detoxification processes and regulate the appetite. Thanks to all these we become as healthy as we have always wanted.

+ Chocolate Body Massage for a Young Skin

Chocolate makes us happy and makes the skin beautiful. The pleasant scent of chocolate stimulates the senses, it can be used either as a mask or as a pampering body massage.
The antioxidant effect of cocoa comes from the polyphenols found in larger amount in the cocoa bean. These can bind and neutralize the so called free radicals that are responsible amongst others for skin aging. The quality of the skin changes spectacularly, the skin becomes soft, smooth, fit, firmer and younger.

It is a perfect immersion in the physical and mental “well-being”. Chocolate contains more than 800 molecules with which it can hydrate and tone the skin. Furthermore, the dissolved mineral content in it has a skin softening and revitalizing effect. Products containing cocoa butter cleanse, sooth and protect the skin.


+ Body treatment

Wiener Kosmetikum’s aromatherapy body wrapping. As regards the novelty of this method and the recognition of the profession, Dr. Dolensky has been awarded the Prize of Inventors for the development of the technology and the active ingredients. It is the ideal combination of aromatherapy and body wrapping. This is a completely natural and highly effective body treatment method to lose a few centimetres from the body contour, to lose weight on the body, where we have always wished, and to make the skin more beautiful. It is sufficient for the treatment of loose connective tissue, stretch marks and pregnancy strips, cellulite. 10-12 occasions (2-3 occasions per week) are recommended.

+ Refreshing Massage

Massage treatment can have an invigorating and refreshing effect on our body both in case of physical and mental tiredness. A refreshing massage is such a healthy stimulant that is worth as much as a cold shower. Namely, massage has an effect on our entire body, it can reach to the deepest tissue layers. With appropriate and strong massage techniques the nervous system activates the body, the internal forces. Massage fills us with new energy in a short time, while making the body relaxed and flexible. Spiritual problems vanish, we feel light and free. The refreshing massage treatment stimulates blood and lymph circulation, changes blood pressure and pulse. Massage slowly removes tiredness, refreshes the body and increases activity and the ability to concentrate.

+ Herbal Foot Massage

We perform this massage with a special herbal lotion. Sole massage is a natural healing therapy that is already recognized in medicine as an additional healing method.
The aim of natural healing methods is to support and strengthen the own healing forces of the body.

According to reflexologists illnesses occur if the energy pathways of the body are blocked. Such energy blockades can be released amongst others by sole massage. There are numerous neural pathways in the soles, hence the entire body can be treated through them. The two soles act as “mirrors” reflecting the whole body.
Organs send signals to the soles, so organs can be treated through them. Through massage, the reflexologist increases the blood supply, enhances the metabolism and the lymphatic system of the related organ, and thus he mobilizes the healing forces of the body. The treatment reduces pain and makes sleeping more peaceful. Urine and faeces can temporarily be darker because of the detoxifying effect of sole massage. Inflammations may temporarily be stronger before disappearing. Sweating can also be stronger, but that is also a temporary result of the detoxifying effect.

+ Honey Massage

This kind of massage is an ancient method that uses the healing power of honey for cleansing the body.

This method of Tibetan origin serves not only healing various illnesses, but it is also ideal for increasing the performance and well-being. During the honey massage the body is smeared evenly with honey at a comfortable temperature. It is then rubbed into the skin with special massage hand moves. Honey reaches into the deeper skin tissues, cleanses the pores and helps to get rid of the toxins, replacing them with essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Why the Honey Massage??
The golden and sticky substance is a real treasure, because it contains special nutrients. These have a beneficial effect on the body and they also treat the skin and make it beautiful.

+ Back Massage

The back, neck and shoulder massage relaxes tense and hard muscles. It relieves stress and pain. Treatment of the spine is of special importance. The tense and stiff muscles along the spine press on the nerves. The reduced blood supply affects the entire body and can cause pain in the organs.

We recommend this treatment in the following cases: rehabilitation after musculoskeletal disorders and prevention, relieving pain, tension and stress, preserving and maintaining well-being and vitality of the body.

+ Cellulite Treatment or Orange Peel Skin Massage:

Cellulite or orange peel skin is the dimpled appearance of skin caused by hardened fat cells. This is a group of bags containing collagen fibres that are produced around the fat cells and include fluids and toxins. Cellulite generally appears on skin in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, and not only overweight people can have it.

We remove the waste products accumulated in the connective tissue with a special lotion and special massage techniques. To increase the lotion’s effect, after the massage a body wrapping treatment comes that makes fat reduction more effective.

+ Massage for Weight Loss

Massage has a beneficial effect on the function of the energy centres. Overweight people have typically problems with their energy balance, and they try to make up the constant lack of energy with eating. Massage harmonises the energy flow, speeds up the metabolism and reduces appetite slightly.

The masseur breaks down the fat cells with strong special hand moves, and massages fat burning gel or lotion in the problematic area to increase the effect. This method is effective, but to achieve the desired result and get rid of the excess weight you need to do sufficient exercise.

+ Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is a regular, rehabilitative and curative treatment on medical advice. It can be combined with various physicotherapeutic treatments. This category includes, for example, segment, connective tissue and periosteal massage.
To increase the beneficial effects of massage we use such high quality products that are effective in the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders. They dissolve painful muscle cramps, joint inflammation. Uric acid accumulates in the joints in the form of crystals. This causes pain. The active ingredients of the lotion can dissolve these crystals and remove them with the blood flow from the body. They accelerate cell formation, and make the skin more flexible and firmer.
We recommend this treatment in the following cases: neck and back pains, herniated disc, pinched nerve roots, displaced vertebrae, rehabilitation and prevention.

+ Lymph Massage

During the lymphatic massage the therapist massages the accumulated toxins “out” of the connective tissue and the lymph system with pleasant caressing moves.
The lymphatic system runs throughout the body, so the accumulated waste products in the body can be removed with movement. We activate the lymphatic system by massaging the skin and the connective tissue, so we can speed up the removal of waste products and toxins. Thus, the tissue edema is reduced and the pain caused by pressure is alleviated. This massage increases the absorption of waste products into the blood stream. They can then leave the body in the form of urine and faeces.
Relaxes on physical, emotional and mental level at the same time. Speeds up healing, reduces cellulite. It is recommended on a regular basis until the desired result is achieved. Thereafter, “reminder massages” are enough.

+ Special Aromatherapy Shape Toning and Four-Hand Massage

Aroma oils are special essential oils that can be smeared into the connective tissue through the skin very easily. They then get into the blood flow, and thus have beneficial effects on the body. The treatment always begins with a peeling massage to remove dead skin cells. Oils are then used on the desired body parts, where after a few treatments some positive changes can be seen. This can even be measured in centimetres! This massage affects weight loss beneficially.
Depending on the condition of the skin and the connective tissue you can chose from different essential oils, and to increase the effectiveness of the treatment you can use infrared sauna or warmer blanket treatment. At the end of treatment, another body massage with essential oils comes. It has a toning and relaxing effect. During the massage two masseurs work simultaneously to achieve a more efficient result.

+ Relaxing Massage

Relaxing massage is the most common type of massage in the West. It relieves pain (e.g. headaches caused by stress), speeds up rehabilitation after injuries, prevents unused muscles from breakdown, alleviates insomnia, increases wakefulness, and above all it helps to relax and reduces the effects of stress.
The massage affects the entire body, reduces blood pressure, and it “retunes” the function of the autonomic nervous system that is independent of our wills. The body can be activated, refreshed or on the contrary completely relaxed, your thoughts and your mind can be “retuned” pleasantly by various Swedish massage treatments.

+ Aroma Oil Massage

This massage stimulates the blood and the lymphatic circulation and relaxes the muscles. We perform this massage with essential oils chosen depending on the mood and needs of our clients. It helps to reduce the effects of stress, and relaxes the body and the soul.

It also has an effect on our skin and senses. The skin is rubbed with a soft glove to relax the tissues. So the aroma oil massage means such a relaxation that “runs through” the whole body. We choose the essential oils depending on the current mood of the client.

The aroma therapy is a natural healing method. Even the great ancient civilizations used essential oils in many ways. The essential oils have a beneficial effect especially if they can get in the deeper skin layers and the blood vessels through the skin.

They sooth and regenerate the skin from within. At the same time they have a beneficial effect on our soul. They relax, refresh and revitalize the entire body. Effects of essential oils: calming, relaxing, stress relieving, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, diuretic, cramp dissolving, pain alleviating and inflammation relieving.

+ Couple Massage

Couples can enjoy the unforgettable experience and the wonderful refreshing effect of massage together. They are treated on two separate massage beds in two separate rooms, and two masseurs work simultaneously in harmony. So couples can enjoy the unforgettable experience and the wonderful refreshing effect of massage together.

+ Four-hand Massage - Synchronous Massage

It is an ideal stress relieving and relaxing treatment for those who long for a special massage experience, and also for those who cannot devote much time to relax because of a tight time schedule. During the massage two masseurs work simultaneously.

+ Herbal Compress Massage

The Thai massage with herbal bag compress has been used by healers in the Far East for over 400 years now. Because of the hot steam aromas and oils dissolve from the bags (made 100 percent of natural cotton) filled with special herbs and spices. These have a beneficial effect.



  • opens the pores of the skin
  • relaxes muscles and stiff joints
  • relaxes
  • stimulates blood circulation, and removes tiredness and depression
  • rejuvenates the skin and makes it beautiful
  • relieves the symptoms of allergy
  • reduces abdominal pain
  • it is antibacterial and antifungal
  • calms the nerves
  • detoxifying
  • relieves maternal depression


It is recommended in the following cases:


  • bonded joints
  • muscle pains
  • rehabilitation after surgeries
  • for mothers after childbirth
  • in case of physical strain

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