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+ Ultratone Futura Pro Face and Body Shaping Treatment:

The latest and worldwide unique Futura Pro face and body shaping device takes into account the client’s sex, age, weight, body build and the problematic zones of his body, as well as the desired results.

The device sets the signal series and programs automatically to provide concentrated and long-term results. Based on the data provided by the client the Futura Pro displays the Body Mass Index (BMI) automatically and creates an individualised treatment plan. It also displays the number and the weekly frequency of necessary treatments. Our system continually monitors the treatment process of the client. It assesses the results achieved and adjusts the treatment settings automatically to provide the best results possible.

The most important treatment options:

  • slimming & body shaping,
  • fat & size reduction,
  • detoxification & cellulite treatment,
  • tone improvement & muscle building,
  • facial rejuvenation & wrinkle removal,
  • sport and training,
  • therapy and rehabilitation.

+ VelaPro Ultrasonic Fat Reduction Treatment:

  • body shaping
  • volume reduction
  • cellulite reduction
  • skin firming
  • wrinkle removal
  • facial rejuvenation
  • massage
  • treatment of the eye area
  • to satisfy all your needs...

The VelaPro System has 4 treatment probes (two for the body, one for the face and one for the eye area). This device makes it possible for experts to fascinate the clients with the state of the art technology presently available and with its efficiency.

Bipolar radio frequency, soft laser therapy, motorised vacuum rollers and manual massage therapy are integrated in each treatment probes. The 10 inch touch screen helps in choosing the appropriate treatment program. The parameters of the two large body treatment probes can be adjusted separately. The principle of operation is very simple and logical: the vacuum rollers clamp in the surface to be treated and treat it with negative pressure. Meanwhile the infrared LED system heals the skin (striae, telangiectasia etc.), and the bipolar radio frequency defats and firms exclusively the skin layer clamped in.

This synergistic combination helps the radio frequency to reach 5-15 mm deep into the skin, melt fat effectively, improve lymphatic circulation and metabolism, and with the help of these to achieve the desired body contour. Furthermore it gives in all cases the background for the 100 percent safe treatment of the eye area. Everything in a single device: body sculpting, fat removal, lymphatic drainage, skin firming and wrinkle removal!

+ Fat Reduction with Cavitation:

The new world of body treatments

During the treatment we use special vacuum technology, which is based on ultrasonic probes built in the treatment probe that are at 135 degree angles to each other. This makes it possible that during the treatment we treat exclusively the fat accumulated in the skin clamped in. In addition the skin is immediately firmed with the help of the integrated photon therapy, so we can provide you highly effective treatments. Our device is unique in the field of cavitation technology and it is 100 percent safe, because it uses cavitation ultrasound exclusively on the skin clamped in. Meanwhile the built-in photon therapy helps to preserve the firmness of the skin. This can be an excellent part of an individual body sculpting treatment; it can easily help to remove even the most stubborn fat layers.

+ Body Treatment:

Wiener Kosmetikum’s aromatherapy body wrapping. As to the novelty of the method and the recognition of the profession, Dr. Dolensky was awarded with the Prize of the Inventors for developing the technology and the active ingredients.

It is the ideal combination of aromatherapy and body wrapping with bandages. This is a completely natural and highly effective body treatment method to lose a few centimetres from the body contour, to lose weight on the body, where we have always wished, and to make the skin more beautiful. It is sufficient for the treatment of loose connective tissue, stretch marks and pregnancy strips, cellulite. 10-12 occasions (2-3 occasions per week) are recommended.

+ Cellulite Treatment or Orange Peel Skin Massage:

Cellulite or orange peel skin is the dimpled appearance of skin caused by hardened fat cells. This is a group of bags containing collagen fibres that are produced around the fat cells and include fluids and toxins. Cellulite mainly appears on the skin in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, and not only overweight people can have it.

We remove the waste products accumulated in the connective tissue with a special lotion and special techniques. This accumulation causes the characteristic bumps. To strengthen the lotion’s effect, after the massage a body wrapping treatment comes that makes the breakdown of fat cells more effective. To reach the desired results, it is recommended to repeat the treatment 8 or 10 times. You will be able to preserve the results with regular exercise.

+ Massage for Weight Loss:

Massage has a beneficial effect on the function of the energy centres. Overweight people have typically problems with their energy balance, and they try to make up the constant lack of energy with eating. Massage harmonises the energy flow, speeds up the metabolism and reduces appetite slightly.

The masseur breaks down the fat cells with strong special hand moves, and massages fat burning gel or lotion in the problematic area to increase the effect. This method is effective, but to achieve the desired result and get rid of the excess weight you need to do sufficient exercise.


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