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Algae and Sea Mud Masks

Effect of the masks:

  • remineralising - replacement of lost minerals
  • detoxification - drainage and removal of toxins
  • fat burning - stimulates the breakdown of lipids
  • anti-aging (rejuvenates the skin and removes wrinkles) - protects from free radicals, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibres and the reproduction of cells, firms the skin.
  • protects the hydro-lipid mantle of the skin

The most important active ingredients

Algae: Brown algae: works on three levels: stimulates the breakdown of fat cells and the blood circulation, and protects the hydro-lipid mantle of the skin. Brown algae contain numerous minerals that are of highest importance for normal body function, for example, they stabilise the cells, they ensure the activity of and the necessary energy for metabolism, restore mineral household, help in detoxification and stimulate the blood circulation.
Green/blue algae: contains more than 50 different nutrients. More than half of them are proteins. They also contain 12 different vitamins, numerous minerals, chlorophyll etc. They nourish and moisturise the skin, affect the tissue formation, remove wrinkles, and strengthen the protective layer of the skin (protective ability of the skin).

Sea mud: contains numerous minerals, trace elements and proteins that can be particularly well absorbed through the skin. It can replace the missing minerals and stimulates the detoxification of the body.

Green clay: has a special absorption capacity. Clay “magnetizes” toxins from the fat and the skin, and at the same time it stimulates the blood and the lymphatic circulation.

Diatomaceous earth: replaces the missing minerals and makes the skin firmer.

Special offer:

The “algae & sea mud” mask is recommended especially for greasy skin, but it is also good for the refreshment of other skin types.

The pleasant aroma of chocolate stimulates the release of endorphin that invigorates the body and makes us happy. The pleasant smell of the mask has a strong anti-stress effect on our body and soul, so it relaxes and refreshes us.

Effects of the mask:

  • nourishes the dry, dehydrated and sun damaged skin
  • restores firmness and moisture of the skin
  • protects against harmful external influencesstimulates the blood circulation (due to the cooling effect of peppermint)

+ Lipo-Detox – a new and exceptionally effective method against cellulite.

This method is very simple and fast, and lasts only 50-60 minutes, but the results are much more important. After the treatment the skin becomes smoother, firmer and visibly younger. The structure of the tissues under the skin is improved significantly, and the accumulation of water and fats is reduced. The skin becomes velvety, soft, hydrated and more resistant against harmful external influences (strengthens the immune system of the cells).

Four steps for a perfect shape and skin.

First step: SKIN ACTIVATING GEL (stimulates and regulates blood circulation)

It is a multi-functional gel that activates different mechanisms for proper skin function, such as:

  • blood circulation,
  • regeneration,
  • metabolism of cells,
  • oxygen supply.

The activating gel opens the “blockades” in the body, so further active ingredients can be absorbed through the skin more easily, and also the effectiveness of the treatment will be increased significantly. Do not forget to remind your customers that skin redness, pinching sensation and cold feeling after the treatment are natural consequences of the treatment!

Second step: LOTION FOR ACTIVE WEIGHT LOSS (diuretic and it helps in losing weight)

The lotion for active weight loss reduces deformities of the connective tissue due to inflammations or circulatory disorders, and activates the lymphatic circulation and lipolysis.

The lotion:

  • prevents the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibres,
  • relieves inflammation,
  • stimulates the lymphatic system, and the removal of toxins and water,
  • stimulates hydrolysis, and reduces the amount of hydrolysed fats.

After the treatment the skin becomes smooth, its structure improves significantly, the connective tissue becomes stronger and it is protected from breakdown processes.

Third step: INTENSE DRAINAGE LOTION (diuretic and detoxifying)

This lotion solves the problem of accumulated water in the deeper layers of the skin, hydrates the skin and strengthens its protective ability. The appropriate protective layer of the skin is important for the proper function of the lymphatic system. Effects of the lotion:

  • strong drainage effect (in two ways: diuretic, through the blood flow, and by osmosis through the skin),
  • regenerates damaged skin cells,
  • stimulates collagen synthesis,
  • hydrates the skin, and strengthens its protective ability.

Effects on the skin: the structure of the deeper layers of the skin improves, the skin becomes more flexible and well-hydrated.

Fourth step - CARE AT HOME: LIPO-DETOX FINISH (heat effect and degreasing)

This product is to be used for the treatment of dead, inactive and atrophic skin, and as a continuation of the beauty salon treatment at home, as well as for preserving the achieved results.

LIPO-DETOX FINISH has the following effects:

  • stimulates the microcirculation,
  • starts lipolysis and helps to remove lipids from the adiposes,
  • relieves inflammations in the adipose cell layer,
  • has a drainaging effect in the areas where cellulite is present,
  • hydrates and regenerates the skin.

Results and effects on the skin: skin redness, improved function of the adipose layer, drainage, breakdown of fat cells, reduced cellulite, and beautiful skin.


+ Grapefruit & Cecropia Lotion

This lotion strongly stimulates the breakdown of lipids. In addition, it helps the removal of accumulated water and toxins from the skin and the deeper skin layers. We use the lotion locally at the critical points where cellulite and fat deposits are present. It has a strong cooling effect when put on the body.

It is recommended in the following cases:

  • hard, bound cellulite,
  • strong capillaries.

Thanks to the special ingredients in the product, the breakdown of fat cells and the detoxification of the skin and the deeper skin layers are multiplied.

The main active ingredients: juniper, grapefruit, geranium, cypress essential oils and cecropia, ivy extract.


+ AHA Lotion Forte with Cinnamon

This lotion stimulates the metabolism of the cells, the function of the lymphatic system, the removal of toxins and, thanks to the warming effect, the breakdown of fat cells. It nourishes and strengthens the connective tissue.

The main active ingredients: cinnamon and black pepper essential oils, AHA fruit acids

It is recommended in the following cases:

  • treatment of loose cellulite

We do not recommend this treatment in the following cases:

  • high blood pressure
  • active varicose veins
  • deep vein thrombosis
  • problems with the lymphatic system
  • during pregnancy and nursing
  • in case of cancer
  • after surgeries for 6 months

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