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Speedfitness - Body Shaping and Fat Reduction

On the first session we welcome you with a free health assessment. With the help of our experts we provide you with an individual training program - see list below - that is appropriate for your body build, available time and money, as well as your body shaping goals.
The prices of Speedfitness contain personal consultation, isotonic sports drink before training,
protein shake after training, and if you rent the cotton training clothes, then the disinfection and washing of clothes after every treatment, and the towel use.

Of course, you can cancel the booked sessions: morning sessions may be cancelled before 9pm on the previous day, and afternoon sessions may be cancelled no later than 10am on the same day. In the case of no-show without prior cancellation, your pass will be charged for the session.

Speedfitness with consultation3.000 HUF / 20 mins.
Speedfitness with training clothes:4,000 HUF
24.500,- HUF
Speedfitness training clothes (for sale)8.000 HUF

Body shaping and fat reduction body treatments

Wave massage:1.500HUF / 30 mins.

20-minute body massage enhancing sweating combined with warmer blanket

1 occasion:4,000 HUF
5 pass:18,000 HUF

Body wrapping with bandage

Is your connective tissue loose or you just do not feel comfortable in your body? Try one of the most successful body treatments! You can say goodbye to cellulite already after 2-3 treatments, and your skin will be spectacularly flexible!

1 occasion:6,000 HUF
5 pass:28,000 HUF

This treatment stimulates the blood supply to the tissues, speeds up the metabolism, increases calorie consumption and starts fat burning. It also helps in the fight against cellulite. Depending on your body build you can lose 3 to 10 kilograms.

1 occasion:5,000 HUF
5 pass:22,000 HUF

Further massage treatments:

Refreshing massage:4,300 HUF / 50 mins.
Herbal foot massage:2,800 HUF / 30 mins.
Back massage:3,300 HUF / 25 mins.
Cellulite treatment or orange peel skin massage:5,000 HUF / 40 mins.
Therapeutic massage:5,500 HUF / 60 mins.
Lymph massage:7.000 HUF / 60 mins.
Relaxing massage:5,000 HUF / 50 mins.
Aroma oil massage:5,000 HUF / 50 mins.
Therapeutic back massage:3,800 HUF / 40 mins.
4500 HUF/60 mins

Medical cosmetics and reference salon

In our beauty salon we use the products of the state of the art, highly effective and 100 percent natural and organic product families, the Spanish Alissi Bronte and Thalissi.
The products of Alissi Bronte contain purely natural herbal basic materials that are grown in specially selected botanical and thermal plantations, and that have been used in the Mediterranean region for thousands of years.
We get all of our products in recycled packaging, so we have been given the so-called “Green Mark”.

1.500 HUF

Facial treatments:

“Teen” treatment for Teenagers4.500 HUF
“Relax” treatment for the sensitive skin6.200 HUF
“Anti Acne” treatment5.500 HUF
“Sensory” treatment for the dehydrated skin6.200HUF
“Purissimo” natural hyaluronic acid treatment8,900 HUF

“Balance” basic treatments (depends on the skin type):

With the use of ampoules during facial treatments we can provide additional active ingredients for the skin.

“Teen”, “Relax”, “Anti-Acne”, “Sensory”, “Purissimo”, “Inyection Patch” + ampoule5,900 HUF
“Angel’s skin plus”8,900 HUF
CLEOPATRA"SPA facial treatment7,900 HUF
THALISSI breast firming and volume enlarging treatment: 20-25 mins.3,500 HUF

Luxury treatments

We use the Spanish product family “Alissi Bronte” for our treatments. Our most fastidious clients get a highly effective 100 percent natural and organic treatment! Diamond energising luxury treatment with magnet: 13,500 HUF

During this special treatment we use the most expensive gemstone in the world. Diamond fades wrinkles, treats flabby skin, dissolves stress, fills the skin with energy and restores the balance of the skin. In addition, the magnetic fields help to stimulate the blood circulation and optimise oxygen supply to the cells. With this treatment you can experience the world of real luxury treatments and the excellent effects of the specific active ingredients and their high concentration. The main active ingredients: diamond, 24 karat gold, pearl, hydrolysed silk, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, African butter tree extract, ginseng, Aloe Vera.

Experience the Mediterranean way of life! “Luxury” treatment with shark cartilage and grape seeds: 11,500 HUF

The newest luxury treatment of beauty interventions! This is a unique, concentrated therapy never seen before. Result: immediate and spectacular improvement in skin texture. Recent research suggests that the shark cartilage extract has a very strong antioxidant and wrinkle removing effect.


-facial hair550 HUF
-eyebrows550 HUF
-under-arm1000 HUF
-arm1100 HUF
-half leg1350 HUF
-thighs1500 HUF
-full leg2350 HUF


-eyelashes900 HUF
-eyebrows550 HUF
-facial hair bleaching500 HUF


Polish600 HUF
French manicure+500 HUF
Paraffin treatment for hands1,300 HUF
Manicure+paraffin treatment3100 HUF
Pedicure2,300 HUF
Therapeutic pedicure2,800 HUF
Pedi gel3000 HUF
Pedi gel polish4400 HUF
Design-polish600 HUF

Contact us

Our studio is easily accessible in the centre of Győr Tihanyi Árpád utca 31/C. Of course, you can also contact us by telephone if you dial +36 96 520 690. You can contact us online by e-mailing


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