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Health Assessment

On the first session we welcome you with a free health assessment. With the help of our experts we provide you with an individual training program that is appropriate for your body build, available time and money, as well as your body shaping goals.

For this we take into account your weight, height and the desired results. Do you want to lose weight and to get your body in shape quickly and successfully, because you are short of time? Would you like to get a specific body part in shape that you are not satisfied with? Would you like to keep your body in a good shape? Would you like a beautiful and smooth skin? Or would you like to get to rid of the excess kilograms after pregnancy?

We help you in choosing the most optimal and effective training and treatment program.

Upon request we measure your weight before each treatment to be able to follow the process of weight loss!

After losing some weight, achieving the desired weight and firming the flabby skin because of weight loss the stabilisation of the achieved results is of the highest importance.

Based on the above we determine the length and the frequency of training and fat reduction treatments.


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Our studio is easily accessible in the centre of Győr Tihanyi Árpád utca 31/C. Of course, you can also contact us by telephone if you dial +36 30 296 3652. You can contact us online by e-mailing


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